Dear Neighbor,

My name is Aisha Carr and I have devoted my entire professional career to the advancement of students of color, fighting for racial and educational equity. I am running for Milwaukee School Board because I have experienced education on every level as: – a former Capitol Hill Legislative Aide; an Alumni of MPS schools; a single mother of an MPS student; a former MPS Special Education and English Teacher; and more recently, as the Opportunity Youth Re-Engagement Director.  

Further, I have not only experienced but I have witnessed the inequitable treatment of black and brown students citywide. From failed attempts to dismantle punitive and ineffective disciplinary policies to publicly questioning and educating students and families about the detriments of schooling versus educating our children, I have fought the good fight beyond the board. I have felt the lack of resources when attempting to educate students. I have lived and experienced the dangers of the OSPP. I understand and see the issues for what they are. 

It is time for new, young, passionate and informed elected officials who can not only fight with their words but with their actions as well, and produce results. I am an organizer of parents and students. This is about working on behalf of students and families until I see results that they deserve. 

Students are failing academically, socially, behaviorally, physically. We cannot afford to fail any more students. Taxpayers cannot afford to continue to pay for prisons and ineffective, for-profit “Educational” institutions that are not producing the results. This past OSPP legislation was not the first attempt to take-over the public education system and it definitely won’t be the last. We need to get up and fight power with power by organizing parents, students, leaders, educators and elect leaders who will advocate for the interests of our communities. As a member of the school board, I will prioritize students, parents, and educators to build a school system that delivers on this promise.

Yours In Service,

Aisha Carr



Develop a district-wide pandemic Crisis Intervention Team to respond to and address the immediate needs and concerns of students, families and educators during COVID-19. 


Provide in-person individualized instruction to students with special needs who require IEP services in accordance with IDEA State Regulations, with proper building sanitation and social distancing measures in place.  


Follow the guidance of National Health and Scientific experts for school reopening clearance, with the necessary building ventilation, protective equipment, mandated masks and health reporting measures in place. 


Utilize school buildings for the purpose of COVID-19 testing and community vaccinations to promote the health and wellness of marginalized communities with limited resources.


Equity and Inclusion


Provide funding for cross-cultural and expeditionary learning initiatives for all Students and Educators to bridge learning gaps between theory and practice. 


Recruit, retain and provide equitable and competitive compensation to Black and Brown Educators while offering mandated mentoring and financial resources to encourage long-term careers in the field of Education.


Allocate funding to invest in the mandatory training and development of school safety personnel and designated community leaders to promote restorative practices and encourage the dismantling of the school-to-prison pipeline thus eliminating the presence of law enforcement officers in educational settings. 


Provide on-going, mandatory equity and inclusion trainings district-wide. Trainings should include strategic and measureable plans to address district-wide racial, behavioral, academic and funding disparities assessed and measured by a community designated Equity & Inclusion Task Force.

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